The Challenge

Develop cloud-based operations to deliver scalable rendering services to high end 3D scanners for use in the industrial and medical fields.

Services Provided

This Dot Labs provided all necessary services to ship the end product. This included design, software engineering, and infrastructure deployment of all applications for frontend, backend, and processing queues.

Specific Performance

This Dot Labs was asked to port an existing C++ based render engine to cloud operations provider, Amazon. The overall goal was to utilize low-cost, on demand swarming, to allow faster processing of the 3D scan datasets at a more affordable price point than existing, on-premise hardware. We designed a job processing engine that uses scalable Amazon Web Service containers to quickly provide scale for large corporate off-premise workloads. The system was self healing, requiring no operations technical support, and allowed real time updates to any number of users who need information on the state of the job. This Dot Labs also created an automated pipeline, allowing render engines to be swapped out, or deployed as quickly as they are developed, decreasing the shipping time of render processing queues by 75%. With the extreme complexity of datasets from a number of existing scanning engines, This Dot Labs further designed, and developed, a support dashboard and triage system. This allows both users, and teams, to manage large scale jobs, and triage errors, that occur in our render engine development teams. The end result is a reduction in the number of critical errors within the rendering engine, decreasing failed jobs by 24%.