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1 Day - Advanced

Day 1

1.1Pain points of current solutions & Observables overview

2.1Create an observable from its basic constructor, learn the semantics of subscription and unsubscription

2.2With helpers — of, from, interval, timer/range

2.3Using map, filter, scan

3.1Subject creation and use, tips and 'gotchas'

3.2Differences between Subject and Observable — Unicast vs multicast, Subjects used as Observers

3.3BehaviorSubject, ReplaySubject

4.1Basic increment/decrement

5.1Higher-order observables

5.2Merge strategies — merge, switch, concat

5.3Shorthands such as mergeMap

6.1Imperative Subscription Management

6.2Declarative Subscription Management with operators

6.3Other strategies

9.1Basic functionality & multiplexing

10.1Repeat & retry — adding retry to WebSockets

11.1Add error handling to lookahead

12.1Strategies for testing your async code

12.2Using TestScheduler marble diagrams

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