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A Look Inside the React with Michael Jackson, Devon Lindsey, Preethi Kasireddy, and Ben Ilegbodu

The React community is has been creating some amazing tools. We sat down with members of the community to hear about the tools that are working well for them and what new technologies are peaking their interest. Currently trending topics include React Fiber, React-Router and React Native. To keep up with these leading experts, you can connect with them on Twitter or follow their GitHub.

Michael Jackson Discusses React-Router v4, React Native and React Fiber

React-Router v4 is out and it has something for everyone in the React community. Unlike v2, and v3, the most current version splits everything up to make it more modular. This means that you can render a route anywhere you want, leading to simpler nesting, code-splitting and hot-reloading.

This component based variation of React-Router will ideally resolve the need for custom code for routing in React Native and hopefully bridge a significant gap in the React and React Native communities. Michael Jackson hopes v4 will be a step toward strengthening the React community by enhancing code to make discussion between groups more transferable.

In addition to React-Router, React Fiber is making waves in the React community by pushing the boundaries in addressing ways to prioritize user interaction while simultaneously allowing for asynchronous event to fire.

To hear more about Michael Jackson’s work and thoughts on up and coming technologies, keep up with him at or @mjackson

Devon Lindsey on what to look forward to in the React community

Devon Lindsey speaks on the exciting ways to use React in new contexts. As an organizer for SF Bay Area React Meetup, she has unique insight into up an coming React projects like augmented reality or creative uses for Create React App. She even has an NFC implant that she is working to program using React Native to assist with everyday activities.

Devon Lindsey discusses the value of the React communities’ emphasis on included and empowering diverse populations and how the effort is paying off in the development of new and interesting React tools. She also gives advice for ways to contribute to open source communities in a positive and constructive way.

You can find Devon Lindsey on Twitter: @devonbl

Preethi Kasireddy on Redux, MobX and the React Community

Only 2 years into her career as an engineer, Preethi Kasireddy is already making a name for herself at a speaker at a number of conferences and working at her own company as a UX/UI Engineer. Preethi finds React enjoyable to work with because of its immediate feedback and interacting with a welcoming community.

When she started learning React, she used React in companion to Redux but has since found best use cases for both Redux and MobX. While both help to manage state external to components, the two exist in opposite paradigms.

Redux derives from flux architecture and provides one way, predictable data flow, thus it lends itself to maintainability and scalability over time. In Preethi’s opinion, this makes Redux ideal for more complex code bases and large teams. MobX, on the other hand, has a lot of abstractions that it hides under the hood. It uses observable date to store state making it ideal for simpler applications and smaller teams that might not need to rely on the predictability that Redux provides.

To learn more about Preethi’s thoughts on React tools, you can follow her on Twitter @iam_preethi

Ben Ilegbodu Gives Advice for Learning React and ESNext

Ben Illegbodu, an Engineering Manager for Eventbrite, has been transitioning features on Eventbrite from Backbone to React. He has been very involved with ES6 from the very beginning and loves how integral it is with React. In his free time, Ben Ilegbodu likes teaching people about ES6 and how to enhance their understanding of React through ES6 methods like creating classes, arrow functions and destructuring.

Ben Ilegbodu has enjoyed working with the React community is unique because of the collaborative environment and the promulgation of innovative ideas through supportive networks. If you are interested in improving your understanding of React, Ben suggests getting started by going through react tutorials and really diving into the basics before adding additional layers of complication.

You can find Ben Ilegbodu on Twitter: @benmvp

The React community is booming with amazing tools that are changing the fundamentals of how we code. The unique level of diversity and collaboration in the community facilitates unprecedented growth. Stay connected with This Dot Media for more news on what is happening in the community.