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We offer a variety of assessments to help our clients better understand their technical capabilities, organizational performance, and other important factors. The goal of these assessments is to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

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Co-Design Sessions

Co-Design Sessions

Co-design sessions are a valuable tool for companies looking to develop new products or services, or to improve existing ones. By bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders, co-design sessions allow you to explore and understand the needs and challenges of your target audience, and to design solutions that are tailored to those needs.
Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

Our Web Performance Assessment is a comprehensive review of your website's performance, designed to help you identify opportunities for improvement and optimization. Our assessment seeks to identify the state of your website’s core web vitals and improve them to decrease customer bounce rates, increase customer satisfaction, and improve search engine rankings.
Modernization Assessment

Modernization Assessment

A modernization assessment is a valuable tool for companies looking to update and optimize their technology stack and infrastructure. By conducting a thorough review of your current systems and processes, a modernization assessment can help you identify opportunities for improvement and create a roadmap for modernizing your technology stack.
Architecture Assessment

Architecture Assessment

As part of our architecture assessment services, we offer a review of your current technology stack and architecture to help you understand how well it meets your current and future needs. This review includes an in-depth analysis of your technology stack and architecture, including an assessment of its strengths and weaknesses, and an evaluation of how well it aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Our Technology Philosophy

The web ecosystem is constantly evolving and growing. Our polyglot approach to web technology allows us to recommend the right modern tools for your needs preventing expensive rewrites of outdated or proprietary software.

There are several factors you should consider when selecting your technology stack.


What type of application do you want to build?

Understanding your long term business goals and vision will help us guide you to the right tools to build your product and business. During our discovery phase, your needs will be assessed through requirements gathering and analysis. Our architects will develop a technology strategy catered to your needs.


How rigid do you want the systems guardrails to be for new engineers?

Guardrails help developers learn your tech stack quickly and allow them the means for contributing quickly with limited negative consequences. Depending on the level of rigidity you desire, we’ll select the framework that best fits your needs. For more rigidity, we’ll recommend tools like Angular or Vue that ship with these features out of the box, but can also configure React and other frameworks to have appropriate guardrails.


What type of engineers are easiest for you to hire if you’re looking to build a team?

We make our recommendations based on the current market conditions for your region if hiring an in-house team is a priority. If you’re looking to hire a US-based team, React prevails as an exceptionally popular technology among developers. If you’re looking at an international team, Angular developers are very common with a strong rise in Vue developers.


General High Level Considerations

Are you building an enterprise application?

Due to Google and Meta's ownership in Angular and React, respectively, we recommend these technologies for enterprise applications due to the long term growth and support they receive from their parent organizations.

Need to build a native mobile application?

The React Native ecosystem allows you to leverage your main application's components to build a top-class mobile experience for your users and allows you to utilize native mobile features, making it a top contender for your technology choice

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