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A Solid(JS) Developer Experience with Atila Fassina, Solid DX Team

Rob Ocel sits down with Atila Fassina, a Developer Relations Engineer at Crabbula and a member of the Developer Experience team for SolidJS.

Atila's involvement with SolidJS began after a conversation with Ryan Carniato, the creator of the framework. He was immediately drawn to the framework's plans and its focus. Atila expresses his excitement about the upcoming release of SolidJS and Tauri V2.

Atila and Rob discuss the significance of comprehensive documentation in software development. Atila emphasizes the need for well-written documentation that caters to both beginners and experienced developers. He mentions the ongoing efforts to improve the documentation for SolidJS, providing developers with the resources they need to understand the framework and troubleshoot issues.

The conversation also explores the challenges of introducing new concepts and paradigms to the developer community.

Listen to the full podcast episode here!