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Side Projects Make You a Better Leader and Human with Cory Minton, Field CTO at Splunk

Cory Minton, the Field CTO at Splunk joins Rob Ocel in an episode that revolves around how to be a better engineering leader, intentionality, and what we can all do to be better humans.

Cory is a Field CTO at Splunk, where he engages with the company's largest and most significant customers, addressing challenges in cybersecurity, IT operations, and observability. He talks about the importance of combining technology expertise with business acumen to help leaders make informed decisions.

A major highlight of Cory's role is his involvement with McLaren. He details how Splunk and McLaren work together to leverage data and technology for competitive advantage in Formula One and Esports. Cory shares his excitement about contributing to the development of in-race analytics for McLaren's Esports team.

Cory talks about how he encourages his team to pursue passion projects and personal interests. Cory emphasizes intentionality and encourages individuals to identify their interests, align them with their job functions, and intentionally spend time on side projects that contribute to personal and professional growth. He emphasizes the significance of diverse experiences and interests, making individuals more dynamic and engaging.

The conversation touches on the importance of balance, acknowledging the human aspect in the workplace. Cory advocates for cycles of high-performance work interspersed with periods of lower intensity to prevent burnout.

Cory provides insights for those who may struggle to connect personal passions with their work. He suggests viewing such situations as opportunities for growth and skill development, encouraging listeners to manifest their desired future by investing in themselves.

Listen to the full podcast episode here!

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