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Codebase Migration



A food ordering platform with a fantastic market position, and over 100 million transactions at the time of their partnership with This Dot

Services Provided

The client’s huge codebase made this transition very complex, and all steps had to be delivered with the highest standards to ensure that no end user and/or customers were affected by any elements of the migration.


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This Dot Labs is a development consultancy focused on providing staff augmentation, architectural guidance, and consulting to companies.

We help implement and teach modern web best practices with technologies such as React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, and more.

The Challenge

When your application is used by millions of end users across many devices, thinking of embarking on a digital transformation journey is not simple. Seeking help to transition their legacy codebase to support Modern Web Technology, the creators of a leading food ordering platform approached This Dot Labs because of its diverse experience with supporting customer migrations.

Specific Performance

Whenever you are planning to migrate from a legacy tech stack, auditing your codebase is the foremost task. Because code develops overtime, it’s important to review its entirety to see its current state, and understand how to achieve a full migration with minimal impact.

A good audit and review will provide insightful information on different parts of the application, and will also define the order of migration.

Due to the size of the application, this codebase has been developed, and released, independently. This has ensured an agile delivery of the project, that provided incremental benefits to the client.

Our experience in offering digital transformation services helps us in producing code that is not only performant, and of high quality, but is also developed to accept future migrations.

There are situations in which migrating existing features and/or services to a modern technology may not be feasible. In these circumstances, it typically makes sense to enhance the code’s performance within the original technology.

This Dot is happy to use its knowledge on this topic to increase the lifetime and performance of these components, and to help clients cope with their newly upgraded codebases.

Nowadays, technologies evolve at an alarming rate, and a digital transformation project can never be "fully delivered". Because of this, it is crucial for companies and projects to develop strong relationships with cutting-edge tech teams who are able to support their progress as web capabilities and standards continue to grow by the day.

This Dot has, so far, supported this client through two migrations, and its involvement has helped the client find a long-term partner to support the immense growth of its food ordering platform.

Let's see how This Dot can help you

Are you looking for a development consulting firm that can provide staff augmentation, architectural guidance, and consulting to your company? Look no further than This Dot Labs. Our team of experienced developers and managers can help you implement and teach modern web best practices, and deliver your projects on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your development goals.

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