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PAM Stack Framework Design

UI Design


A new framework for creating sustainable development teams - PAM stack. The three pillars of the PAM stack are: process, abstractions, and mentorship.

They represent the different ways that teams can make simple changes to have a dramatic impact on the success of their developers and on the inclusion of junior developers.


  • Create the brand from scratch, including logo, color palette, and a set of custom icons to make the brand recognizable.
  • Create a custom design for the main page and three other pages for each part of the PAM stack: Process, Abstractions, Mentorship.
  • Make the hero section interactive.
  • Implement the website via Webflow, optimize the website in terms of performance and SEO.
  • Add the ability to dynamically show different types of resources and make the editing process easy.


Figma LogoFigma
Webflow LogoWebflow



We've started the brand development from scratch, considering the modern trends and target audience. We also suggested creating a set of custom icons that represent different parts of the PAM process and approach.

Pam stack logo variants and menu icon

Examples of custom icons

Hero interaction

The hero screen makes the first impression, so we developed an interactive section that leads users to different parts of the PAM stack and briefly explains the main idea.

PAM stack website

The PAM stack website was designed in a dark theme with contrasting custom-designed icons that complement the explanations. The website was built via Webflow to speed up the time-to-market process.


The attractive brand with a set of custom-designed icons. Interactive fully responsive Webflow website that represents different parts of the PAM stack idea and allows managing content more efficiently.

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