ReactJS 101

Learn about basic concepts like the component and how it is used as the main building block of a React application.

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1 Day - Advanced

Day 1

1.1Turn imperative code into declarative code

1.2Experience the benefits that come from declarative programming

1.3Learn to use existing JS libraries declaratively

1.4Learn the advanced aspects of React's component lifecycle

2.1Create reusable components by compounding related components together

2.2Dynamically flow data between components

3.1Learn why context exists

3.2Learn to use context

3.3Learn when context is useful and when to use a different pattern

4.1Learn to use render props

4.2Learn when they are most useful

5.1Identify performance bottlenecks

5.2Learn how to do 'windowing' with React

6.1Create a higher order component

6.2Understand when higher order components are useful vs. other patterns

7.1Learn to create a controlled component

7.2Learn to create an uncontrolled component

7.3Learn how to choose between controlled and uncontrolled components

8.1Use Compound Components

8.2Use Render Callbacks

8.3Use Higher Order Components

8.4Use Context

8.5Use lifecycle hooks

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