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4 Angular Component Libraries That are Perfect for Beginners

4 Angular Component Libraries That are Perfect for Beginners

For beginners starting with Angular, the journey can feel daunting, especially when it comes to setting up projects from scratch. However, there is a range of outstanding Angular component libraries that alleviate this initial hurdle: ready-made toolkits, empowering newcomers to start building Angular applications without the complexities of bootstrapping their projects. Let’s take a look!

Angular Material Angular Material is a UI component library by Google for Angular applications. It provides a variety of pre-built components following the Material Design guidelines, offering customization options, responsive design, and accessibility features. It's seamlessly integrated with Angular and offers extensive documentation and community support.

NG-ZORRO NG-ZORRO is an Angular UI component library based on Ant Design by Alibaba. It offers a variety of customizable components for building modern web applications. With seamless Angular integration, responsive design, and accessibility features, NG-ZORRO simplifies development while following Ant Design principles.

NG Bootstrap NG Bootstrap is a library for Angular developers to easily incorporate Bootstrap components into their applications without relying on jQuery. It offers Angular-specific directives and components, ensuring compatibility and performance within Angular projects while maintaining Bootstrap's responsive design and customization options.

Clarity Design System Clarity is an open-source design system by VMware that offers a set of Angular components for building enterprise-scale applications. It provides components specifically tailored for data-centric applications, dashboards, and complex user interfaces. Clarity Design System emphasizes clarity, consistency, and usability in its components.

The beginner’s journey can be both exhilarating and challenging. However, with the advent of powerful component libraries like Angular Material, NG-ZORRO, NG Bootstrap, and the Clarity Design System, the path becomes significantly smoother. These libraries offer pre-built components and design systems that eliminate the need to bootstrap projects from scratch. As beginners embark on their Angular journey, these libraries provide a sturdy foundation, allowing them to dive into development with confidence. By harnessing the capabilities of these libraries, beginners can not only expedite their learning curve but also craft exceptional Angular applications with ease and efficiency.