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5 Tips for Leaders to Consider When Adopting Technology

Traditional businesses now must embrace digital changes to stay competitive. This means more than just using technology; it means making digital solutions a part of every aspect of your business.

Here are 5 essential tips that will help you navigate the path of adopting technology effectively.

Integrate Technology Into Your Core Mission: Mistake: Treating technology as a siloed entity, whether within your organization or outsourced. Solution: Embrace the idea of being a tech company, integrate tech into your overall strategy to get the best outcome.

Promote Technology Ownership: Mistake: Not encouraging active involvement in tech-related responsibilities or ownership beyond a single person or vendor. Solution: Embrace direct involvement with the technology strategy and implementation. Nurture transparency and accountability to increase informed decision-making within the team and among stakeholders.

Hiring Technologists Who Can Execute Your Vision: Mistake: Hiring tech experts who focus solely on technology, not the business strategy. Hiring without clear roles and alignment. Solution: Seek individuals who bridge the gap between tech and business. Make sure to clearly define business goals and objectives from day one.

Foster Curiosity and Stay Adaptable: Mistake: Thinking technology is too difficult to understand or grasp. Solution: Challenge your technical team to explain complex concepts. Trust that your insight and intuition adds more to the technical execution than you think. Ask questions to encourage innovative solutions.

Embrace Trial and Error: Mistake: Thinking plans won’t change. Solution: Understand that adopting technology and integrating it into your business is a learning process. Expect to make mistakes, and uncover new learnings along the way. Be open to adjustments and flexible with different paths.

These tips will make it easier for your organization to adopt a technology mindset and set your organization up for long-term success when adopting tech. Remember, it's not just about the adoption of technology; it's about creating a new culture that embraces learning, curiosity, and innovation in tech.

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