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Bad Ideas are Good Ideas with Cassidy Williams, CTO of Contenda

Cassidy Williams is the CTO at Contenda and shares her journey of how Contenda pivoted and the inside play on how the team was able to successfully change their thinking and strategy to accomplish this.

Contenda's current product focus is Brain Story, an app that utilizes AI to help people brainstorm ideas.

Rob and Cassidy highlight the importance of having "bad ideas" and normalizing them. Cassidy shares her team’s Slack channel called “bad ideas”. This channel allows team members to freely share and discuss ideas without fear of judgment. It fosters a culture of creativity and encourages everyone to contribute their thoughts, even if they may not initially seem like the best ideas.

Adaptability and the ability to pivot are emphasized throughout the episode as Cassidy highlights the importance of being able to adapt and pivot in both life and career.

Cassidy's experiences and advice serve as a reminder that success often comes from embracing new ideas, collaborating with others, and being willing to adapt.

Listen to the full episode here:

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