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Cultivating Value Through Developer Communities with Ronald Williams

In this JS Drops presentation, Ronald Williams, Senior Community Programs Manager at, discusses key tips for cultivating and capturing value within a developer community. Ronald emphasized the need to differentiate between creating useful content and deriving business gains from it. He highlights the significance of reporting the impact of initiatives by combining both aspects, stressing that it's crucial not only to focus on providing valuable content for the community but also to understand how it translates into tangible business outcomes.

To illustrate this concept, Ronald provides examples such as ambassador programs and conferences, which offer useful content and networking opportunities for the community while directly impacting revenue generation. He emphasizes the importance of understanding revenue impact through metrics like conversion rates, retained members, influenced members, and expansion. By measuring these metrics, businesses can effectively gauge the success of their community initiatives and make informed decisions to enhance their strategies.

The presentation emphasizes the value of developer communities in various aspects. Data from the Developer Marketing Alliance supported the notion that developer communities are crucial for feedback gathering, creating ambassador programs, understanding the developer audience, and educating others about products. Ronald stresses the need for effective communication of the business value of community initiatives to stakeholders and advised refining existing programs to maximize value rather than starting from scratch. This approach allows businesses to build upon their current community initiatives and make them even more impactful.

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