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With the rapid development around web frameworks, sometimes it is difficult to keep up and find good resources for learning and community. This often leads to developers having to curate their own lists or having poor experiences with unwelcoming or inactive communities. eliminates that hassle and provides a community curated list of high quality resources all in one place. is way more than just another resource list because it is a place to learn, grow, connect and be inspired.

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A valuable resource for learning new technologies

It is not easy for developers trying a new framework to find helpful, well contextualized, and skills appropriate resources on the web. And it can be even harder for them to find active, healthy tech communities related to those technologies. helps to eliminate a lot of the frustration new developers feel by providing high quality learning and community resources.

Each course has a beginner, intermediate, or advanced label to help ensure that developers are choosing a resource that best suits their current degree of experience in a particular framework. These courses also include information on whether it is a text, video or interactive based learning resource which accommodates the diverse learning styles out there. learning resrouces

The communities tab includes a list of meetups and conferences located around the world and online. We carefully curated this list to the best of our ability to help ensure that all of the communities featured have a healthy and welcoming developer environment. This provides opportunities for new developers to build long lasting connections and learn in a supportive environment. Angular conferences also has sections for podcasts, books and blogs which provides a great opportunity for novice developers to learn more about current trends and latest developments in the industry.

A valuable tool for sourcing advanced and specific resources

There are a lot of learning resources geared towards foundational knowledge, but oftentimes those looking for more niche and specific learning resources struggle to find them. This results in developers constantly having to reach out on Twitter, Reddit, and Discord groups and creating their own folders of bookmarked resources. removes that hassle and curates all of those resources in one place. The advanced search tool makes it easy to filter out resources based on intermediate and advanced levels. search tool

Another issue all developers experience is knowing which tools would work best for certain tasks. The library comparison tool allows you to comprare a list of tools and look at valuable information such as test coverage, number of weekly downloads, number of GitHub stars, and an overall project health score! library comparison tool

A valuable opportunity for content creators to share their work

As more developers start to create content like books, blogs, and full length courses, there is still the issue of how to best share this content and connect with the community. The current solution is to push out this content through social media platforms like Twitter and hope to build a following over time.

Another solution is to utilize, where all of these valuable resources are located in one place. Creators will now have an opportunity to read through the content submission guidelines and suggest new content for

A great introduction to getting involved with open source

One of the pain points for those looking to get involved with open source, is finding projects with good opportunities to contribute to in a meaningful way. provides an opportunity for developers of all levels to contribute content.

A great way to get started is to propose a new podcast, course, book, or other resource that you feel should be added to the site. This lessens the intimidation factor of getting started with open source, and creates a friendly entry point for contributing. If you are interested in contributing, please read through the contributing guidelines documentation.

If you are interested in adding a new framework to the site, please open up an issue in the GitHub repository.


Whether you are just starting out or have 20+ years of experience in tech, is a valuable resource that works for all developers. Our vision is for to become a home for everyone to learn, grow, connect and be inspired.