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How to Expand Your Influence Beyond Your Engineering Team with Adrianna Bailey

Adrianna Bailey, Maersk's SVP of Engineering and business CIO, underscores the shifting attitudes about engineering leadership by highlighting that employers are no longer solely looking for individual technical prowess but those who can foster team success. Adrianna emphasizes the importance of leaders staying abreast of technological advancements and continuously honing their skills to effectively guide and nurture their teams.

Central to effective leadership is a comprehensive understanding of the company's overarching strategy. Leaders must expand their influence beyond their immediate team and align their efforts with the organization's goals. Transparent decision-making and communication are paramount. Adrianna stresses the need for leaders to make trade-offs openly and ensure team alignment through effective communication channels. Being receptive to feedback, willing to reassess decisions, and prioritizing ongoing learning and collaboration are all integral facets of this process.

Finally, Adrianna discusses the art of delegating tasks and the importance of leaders focusing on activities that leverage their unique skills and delegating others effectively. She advocates for a mentorship approach that involves asking questions rather than providing direct answers, empowering team members to develop their problem-solving abilities.

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