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The Path to Pluralsight Expert as a Developer with Cory House

In this episode, we explore Cory House's journey through the landscape of open source, from his early days as a software developer to becoming a Pluralsight author and renowned front-end specialist. With over two decades of experience, Cory has navigated through different technologies and roles, demonstrating adaptability and a passion for learning.

Cory's journey began in the era of Flash, where he initially believed it would supplant HTML. Over the years, he transitioned from full-stack development to specializing in front-end technologies. He honed his skills in various frameworks like Knockout, Angular, and, most notably, React since its inception as an open-source project.

A significant turning point in Cory's career was his decision to become an independent consultant and author. This leap into independence was motivated by a long-held dream of owning his own business and having the freedom to work on his terms. However, Cory acknowledges that independence comes with its challenges, especially in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. It's all too easy for consultants to fall into the trap of working around the clock, catering to clients' demands without setting clear boundaries. Cory's solution was to periodically reassess his rates. If his workload became overwhelming, he would adjust his rates upward, a strategy that not only ensured balance but also helped him recognize his worth in the industry.

The episode highlights a fundamental principle of open source provided by Cory’s insight: "I'm creating something that I would like to exist, and chances are there's other people that are going to feel the same way."

Cory confesses that he has started writing books several times but never pursued publishing them. Instead, he opted for courses, an avenue he found more rewarding. He shares his desire to have a tangible book to call his own, driven partly by ego, but acknowledges the value he places on teaching and delivering content through courses.

The journey for Cory as a Pluralsight author was sparked by a simple question posed to him by a fellow developer, John Papa: "Why don't you teach a course?" This seemingly innocuous question ignited Cory's passion for authorship. He meticulously crafted course content, pouring his expertise into each module, driven by a desire to offer a valuable learning experience.

Cory's story unfolds against the backdrop of the open source landscape, where he harnessed over two decades of experience navigating through various technologies and roles. From his early foray into Flash technology to his mastery of front-end frameworks like React, Cory's trajectory reveals the impact of open source philosophy in shaping his career.