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Transforming Groq Health’s Digital Identity and User Engagement

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Groq Health, a trailblazing health services company harnessing AI and patient medical histories to predict and prevent diseases, sought a top-tier design and technology partner to craft a compelling public-facing website. They aimed to attract investors and customers, complementing their internal focus on developing an advanced application platform. With a keen eye on fundraising and user acquisition, Groq Health needed a dynamic, professional online presence to showcase their innovative proprietary analysis systems.

Our expertise in design and engineering made us the perfect partner to elevate Groq Health’s brand. We embarked on a transformative journey to expand their brand identity, create an engaging homepage, and track potential customer interest for their product beta launch. By developing a design system, producing a compelling storyboard homepage, and implementing a flexible content management solution with Contentful and HubSpot integrations, we empowered Groq Health’s team to curate content and capture valuable consumer engagement with minimal effort. This strategic collaboration positioned Groq Health to shine in investor presentations and attract a dedicated user base, driving their mission to revolutionize healthcare.

Business Situation

Groq Health, a unique health services company focused on leveraging patients' medical histories and AI to develop health journals to predict and prevent disease, needed a design and technology partner to help develop its public-facing website to assist with fundraising and user acquisition. Without an in-house design team and with the need for a public-facing site to help grow interest in the product, the team needed a partner to help design and develop solutions that would allow them to promote the company and track interest in the platform beta.


Our expert design team and reputation as world-class engineers led to a partnership with Groq Health to solve their active challenges. Groq Health had three primary goals as our engagement kicked off:

  1. Expand their brand identity for conversations with investors
  2. Launch a new homepage for their brand that non-developers could curate content for
  3. Track interest from potential customers to engage with the product beta launch

Expanding their Brand Identity

Groq Health, having focused solely on platform development, urgently needed to communicate its value proposition to investors and consumers. Our design team rapidly responded by crafting interactive prototypes and essential assets in under a week, equipping Groq Health's leadership for compelling pitch meetings. The design team started by dissecting the existing product design system to utilize it for the website design. This led to the creation of the design system utilized by the rest of the website.

Groq Health Design System Elements

These designs were then applied to a storyboard homepage to convey the story that the client wished to tell through their website. This approach allowed our designers to validate ideas for the design so they could quickly iterate to produce the desired outcome.

Groq Health Design Storyboard for Homepage

The storyboard allowed stakeholders to convey their desires for the landing page versus assets on the rest of the website. This discovery and understanding allowed the team to build the sitemap and reorganize the content into distinct areas of interest. This also allowed stakeholders to state their preferences for brand identity, such as demographic representation, content architecture prioritization, and value proposition.

Groq Health Final Designs

Enabling the team to curate content

The Groq Health team wanted the ability to customize content and create new case studies and press releases without developer intervention, overall lowering their cost. However, they also wanted a custom solution so they could use dynamic content and custom layouts and designs. To meet these requirements, our engineers developed a solution aligned with their engineering team's technology choices and tools familiar to the team.

The team uses HubSpot to automate customer relationship management. HubSpot ships with content management system (CMS) capabilities. However, the HubSpot offering does not support a headless CMS solution allowing seamless integration into the new website. As such, our team implemented Contentful for its flexibility and ability to work alongside HubSpot through our integration. Utilizing these tools, we built pages quickly while the team added and adjusted content in real-time during development. This allowed our teams to work side-by-side to quickly iterate and deploy the website.

Capturing consumer engagement

A key metric of interest for Groq Health was consumer signup interest in their beta platform. The team needed to capture interested consumer's name and email, but were also interested in details like who referred them to the platform and key health concerns they wanted the app to help them resolve. To navigate this story, they wanted to streamline their processes with HubSpot to manage their customers. We were able to seamlessly integrate HubSpot into the client's website and capture their customer data so they could effectively run marketing efforts.

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