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Turning a proof of concept application into a scalable, flexible and performant learning platform

Architectural DesignAgile


This Dot Labs’ engineers helped provide architectural guidance on ion Learning’s platform through a performance and optimization audit of their codebase.

This was followed by helping the team create more flexibility and scalability within their platform and assisting in the re-architecture and re-build of their education and training platform using modular components.

Services Provided

The team at This Dot Labs audited the app, and architected its full redesign that transformed the existing, rigid components, into flexible modular ones. Simultaneously, our developers worked with the team to design and develop new features to support ion Learning’s growth and business goals.

Alongside front end development, we helped re-architect the backend application into an enterprise ready platform.


Vue LogoVue
Vuetify LogoVuetify
Storybook LogoStorybook
Laravel LogoLaravel
MariaDB LogoMariaDB
Google Cloud Platform LogoGoogle Cloud Platform
Okta LogoOkta
  • VueJS: We used VueJS to deliver a quick and flexible component-based architecture, which we used in conjunction with the laravel backend.
  • MariaDb: The database management system that helped us provide a fully defined database structure to meet a diverse array of business needs and promote scalability.
  • OKTA: The user authentication management software used to design and develop a unique SSO solution for users.
  • Vuetify: A UI library to create an attractive and performant administrator interface.
  • Storybook: A web tool to shorten the feedback gap between stories and components, narrowing the gap between developer teams and administrators.
  • Laravel: An open-source PHP web framework to build the backend of the application. This Dot’s team has helped transform the backend application into an enterprise ready structure.
  • GCP: A suite of cloud computing services to support the application migration. The team configured AppEngine and automatic CI pipeline to slimline the deployment lifecycle.

This Dot Labs is a development consultancy focused on providing staff augmentation, architectural guidance, and consulting to companies.

We help implement and teach modern web best practices with technologies such as React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, GraphQL, Node, and more.

ion learning

ion Learning is a premier educational platform that provides immersive experiences for businesses and organizations that want to enrich their employees’ professional lives through diversity, and inclusion trainings.

ion Learning Project Image

Architectural Design and Platform Scalability

ion Learning’s platform not only provides video training courses on topics related to diversity and inclusion, but also offers a number of other features to enrich the learning experience for users. The features we helped develop and improve over time include audio/video resources, complex questionnaires, multiple choice questions, and more.

To deliver these redesigned features in a way that maintained the platform’s scalable interoperability, This Dot Labs helped define the requirements and led the architectural design of the application.

ion Learning screenshot-1

Leveling up the Team

During the design and development phase, This Dot has not only focused on delivering high quality code, but it also supported the internal team, providing structured mentorship to help the ion Learning team grow.

We strive to deliver daily training and mentoring during our projects to ensure that teams are supported and have the ability to grow. Mentoring and training are tailored to the individual team members and delivered at the highest standards.

ion Learning screenshot-2

Enterprise Ready

The application was not flexible enough to scale and provide the enterprise level service it needed to offer. Our team worked hand in hand with the ion learning development team to enhance the application and make it both flexible and scalable.

ion Learning screenshot-3

Agile Methodology and Delivery

ion Learning experienced explosive growth of their platform and required a project management structure that would allow it to be quick and flexible in delivering custom requirements without losing control on the long term goals.

This Dot took ownership of project management responsibilities, including introducing software (Jira) and implementing agile methodologies such as standup and sprint based delivery cycles.

These changes not only helped to increase productivity but also helped identify development bottlenecks we could help solve. These changes also helped the company set expectations with customers by having more insight on how to tailor future development requests and fulfill new customer requirements.

Let's see how This Dot can help you

Are you looking for a development consulting firm that can provide staff augmentation, architectural guidance, and consulting to your company? Look no further than This Dot Labs. Our team of experienced developers and managers can help you implement and teach modern web best practices, and deliver your projects on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your development goals.

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