ion Learning

Building a Scalable Platform that Grows Alongside Its User Base

Tech Stack

  • VueJS

The Challenge

ion Learning is an enterprise technology platform that scales key learning and mentoring initiatives (e.g. inclusion, purpose, emotional intelligence) to create deep culture change. Though starting off with a humble user base, the company quickly grew to deliver its platform to users from many large enterprises, including, Evolution Hospitality, and Walmart. Because of this explosion in its user base, ion Learning approached This Dot Labs to assist them with auditing their platform to ensure optimal performance and scalability.

Services Provided

This Dot approached ion Learning’s platform with a defined plan to upgrade the software to operate through enterprise-level code without changing the existing technological stack, which utilized VueJS for the front end, and Laravel as well as MySQL for the backend. This allowed ion Learning to achieve the product development they sought without burdening their own development team with a wholly new technical architecture.

That being said, ion Learning was so happy with This Dot’s augmentative services, that the company chose to continue their relationship with the consulting firm to provide mentoring and support to their small development team. This support included one-on-one code pairing, reviews, and general live mentorship through remote meetings.

Specific Performance

As a company with a passion for diversity and inclusion, ion Learning is committed to uplifting all people in professional settings and equipping them with the tools to help them succeed in their careers. Recognizing This Dot’s own commitment to creating a more equitable tech space through programs such as the Open Source Apprentice Program, as well as the #changetheratio campaign, ion was excited to partner with a company that understands, and values the same beliefs that motivate their business every day. As ion has continued to grow its user base, the companies have remained partnered to support not only the platform’s continued performance but also the development team behind its past and future successes.

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