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This Dot partners with organizations to deliver best-in-class solutions. Folks provide their expertise in strategy, design, engineering, analytics, and marketing holistic solutions to meet technical, operational, and strategic demands. Experts in React, Angular, Vue, Node JS, and many more.


  • Improve the information architecture
  • Redesign the website based on the improved information architecture and new sections
  • Create designs for case studies, services, trainings, and jobs pages and their dynamic templates
  • Design the website in dark and white themes


Figma LogoFigma


Services pages

Services and their template pages were important to highlight all the benefits clients will get working with This Dot.

Showcases a website design for this dot labs and displays service offerings in technologies, staff augmentation, application development, consulting, and training

Home page

This Dot is great at a lot of different things, we considered the information architecture that represents the most important thing on the homepage with call-to-actions to learn more on other pages.

Website design for This Dot Labs, highlighting their technical expertise, portfolio, resources, and hiring opportunities

Team & Job pages

As part of any company, there is an important part as a team. We've created a team page to show the culture and benefits of working with This Dot. Also, we created opened jobs and the ability to send CVs and test tasks for candidates.

Website design for This Dot Labs, specifically the Join us and Opened positions sections

This Dot Team section of a website, featuring profile pictures and names of various team members

Website theming

To improve accessibility we created the dark and white themes for the website. The idea is to show one of the themes depending on the user device preference.

Comparison of dark and light mode for This Dot labs website

Displays three sections of a website. The first section outlines the company's vision, the second section focuses on a blog post, the third section highlights the training services offered

Section of the This Dot Labs website highlighting their services

Collage of various sections from the This Dot Labs website


The applied design solutions allowed creating laconic and aiming website pages, which briefly and swiftly convey the main idea and leave the potential customer interested.

Let's see how This Dot can help you

Are you looking for a development consulting firm that can provide staff augmentation, architectural guidance, and consulting to your company? Look no further than This Dot Labs. Our team of experienced developers and managers can help you implement and teach modern web best practices, and deliver your projects on time and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your development goals.

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