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LetsChatWith Mascot Design

UI Design


Let’sChatWoof is the Mascot of LetsChatWith that, does event support, engages attendees, and represents the brand in a friendly and emotional way that allows users to feel friendly with the app.


  • Create a mood-board to find style, form, presentation
  • Suggest some sketches of dog as the selected mascot
  • Draw the selected mascot fitting the main brand guidelines of the LetsChatWith app
  • Create a set of the Mascot's emotional posing for different use cases
  • Transform the Mascot into the logo for LetsChatWith to expand the brand usage


Figma LogoFigma
Illustrator LogoIllustrator
Photoshop LogoPhotoshop


Sketches and style forming

During the design process, we created many options to choose from that represent different feelings and styles of the Mascot. After several iterations with the customer, we decided on the best option.

Collection of various sketches and concept designs of dog mascots with one of them being circled

Sketches of mascot in four poses including standing, lying down, rolling over, and sitting

Mascot Design

Following the brand guidelines and based on the selected sketch, we have got a playful, cute character that elicits an emotional response from the users. This approach has allowed the product to engage the end users better.

Portrait image of mascot with name and title

Finished drawings of mascot in four poses include standing, lying down, rolling over, and sitting

Merchandise featuring the Let's Chat With mascot

Displays the homepage of the Let's Chat With website highlighting various features


As a result, we created a Mascot that is used in different use cases over the product and offline events. The Mascot emotionally responds to the user. It helps to communicate more willingly at conferences and also creates a playful mood in branding.

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