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Control Center Application Design

UI Design


The fully designed MVP version of the Netifi application is created to view data about the Proteus brokers. The app is a control center that helps manage access keys for broker communication applications.


  • Design a minimum viable product of the Control Center
  • Make all the pages fully responsive to allow the monitoring process from mobile
  • Improve monitoring process with clean UI interface
  • Make interface flatter look and feel in dark theme


Abstract LogoAbstract
Sketch LogoSketch
Invision LogoInvision


Netifi Control Center interface with left side highlights tasks and goals right side displays a dashboard

Typography used for Netifi, featuring the Proxima Nova font in two styles Regular and Semibold

Color palette for Netifi, featuring shades of green, blue, and greyscale

Destinations section of the Netifi Control Center, which lists sets of instances offering the same service or application

Brokers List section of the Netifi Control Center, which displays all brokers clustered in the current environment

Broker Details section of the Netifi Control Center, showing detailed information about a specific broker

Access Keys List section of the Netifi Control Center, showing a list of access keys used by clients to gain access to the broker

Create Access Keys feature in the Netifi Control Center, detailing the process of creating a new access key

Access Keys Detail page of the Netifi Control Center, showing detailed information about an access key

Various screens of the Netifi Control Center displayed on a mobile device


Fully responsive MVP version of Netifi application, design system, guidelines.

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