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Web Performance Tool Design

UI Design


PerfBuddy is a tool that provides easily digestible performance and accessibility reports that your organization can understand.

PerfBuddy does the hard work for you to translate technical jargon into plain language that's approachable to everyone.


  • Develop a mascot with different emotions that represent how good your site metrics are.
  • Incorporate the mascot in the logo design.
  • Design a performance report page with a list of website improvements in less technical jargon wording.
  • Design marketing website which is the initial step to analyze the website, and explain how it works.
  • Make sure all the pages are responsive for mobile devices.


Figma LogoFigma
Illustrator LogoIllustrator
Photoshop LogoPhotoshop
After Effects LogoAfter Effects


Mascot & Logo

The main idea was to make a mascot that will react with different emotes on the user's website performance indicators. The mascot became the symbol of the logo that helps to recognize the brand among others.

Collection of sketches on the left side and finished robot cat mascot on the right

Perfbuddy logo on the left and mascot right

Six different poses of the PerfBuddy mascot, each representing a performance status

Initial page

For the first user's steps, we've created the initial page that has the main input to get his site report in one click and explained how it works.

Landing page displaying different web app features

Loading page

While the site is analyzed, we made a loading screen that displays loading animation and performance facts with an option to receive the report to his email after the process is finished.

Report loading page with option to receive report in email

Performance report

After several MVP iterations, we created a self-branded design that shows a performance report by the main metrics and recommendations for improvement for each one in a clear less-tech-jargon way.

MVP versus alpha version of web app

Beta version of web app


We have considered a responsive mobile design to make the performance tool accessible from any device.

Three mobile views of Perfbuddy app

Multiple mobile views of the PerfBuddy website, highlighting key features

Multiple mobile views of the PerfBuddy website, highlighting key features


The result is a useful product design that helps people to get a performance report and less-tech-jargon recommendations of their website. Clear design guidelines for further development.

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