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Dev Starter Kits Design

UI Design

Overview is a collection of starter kit projects and related tools to help get you up and running on your next project without spending days adding all the pieces and configurations to support whatever libraries or frameworks that you choose.


  • Conduct research on existing services. Find out users' pain points, and based on the research come up with a clear UX.
  • Build an MVP option and define potential growth points and improvements for the next iterations.
  • Create wireframes to test out suggested concept options.
  • Prepare high-fidelity prototypes based on the research and approved concept.
  • Build Light and Dark themes, and prepare a responsive design.
  • Create a logotype, and consider its logomark for socials, favicon, etc.
  • Create detailed dev guidelines, and do visual checking to make sure the app fits the design.


Figma LogoFigma


Main Page

The home page has a short definition of the product and cards that lead straight to the tech stack documentation. We also considered white and dark themes to improve accessibility and fit developers needs. main webpage

Logo design

After we created the product design we’ve focused on the logo. After several iterations with the client and dev team we picked one and created a logomark for socials, favicon, forums, etc. logo design displaying final logo and alternative options


To guide a developer we've designed the documentation page with step by step information about how to use tech stack for user’s project.

Example of documentation provided based on tech stack chosen


To represent all the available frameworks and technologies, we've designed the catalog page that helps to find a specific framework and all tech stacks with this technology.

Catalogue of available frameworks and technologies with associated tech stacks

404 page

As this product is for developers, the customer asked us to create some creative 404 page, and the result you can see below. 404 page where the numbers are created using technology and frameworks logos

Ideation & Wireframes

As the first stage of design we did a research of competitors and user pain-points (in our case it was a developer that is looking for a quick dev setup for his new project), and roadmap the MVP scope of work. offerings including sections on starter kits, command line interface, community, and GitHub repositories

Shows a list of pre-configured tech stacks including Angular/Typescript, Next.js/React Query/Tailwind, Remix/GraphQL/Tailwind, and more available on

Design foundation

To make our UI consistent we've bootstrapped the project with UI foundations that was continually updated with new elements, components, and templates using the atomic approach.

Design software user interface that displays a desktop with a variety of fonts and colors available


Based on the research we did, wireframes we've built the product with the clear guidance for the end-users – developers that wants to kick start their projects with different technologies quickly. Close collaboration with the dev team and detailed design guidelines helped to make the handoff smoother.

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