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Announcing September JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training!

Announcing September JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training!

JavaScript Marathon - 3 Part Series

Join us September 23rd, 2020 for our next JavaScript Marathon!

JavaScript Marathon is a full day of free, online courses on Angular, React, Vue, RxJS, Web Performance, and more. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies, and concepts!

Stay for one training, or stick around for the whole day! No two sessions will be the same!

React Native in 60 Minutes - Introduction to Creating Your First Hybrid Native Application

Featuring Rob Ocel @ 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT

So, you know React, and you want to build a mobile application - how do you get started? In this training, we'll discuss the architecture of React Native and how it differs from competing approaches such as Progressive Web Applications, Ionic Capacitor, and Apache Cordova. Then, we'll make a basic application from scratch that uses data from remote APIs and device sensors, and we'll show how to test and debug the application on your device and in simulators.

Using Angular Libraries in an Nx Monorepo

Featuring Patricio Vargas @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT

Learn how to use Angular libraries and share code between multiple enterprise applications in your current or your future monorepo project using Nx by the Nrwl team.

JavaScript Animations with GreenSock

Featuring Christina Gorton @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Have you ever been to a website and wondered "Whoa, how did they do that?" In this session you will learn how to get started creating fun, interesting, and complex animations that delight users with the GreenSock animation library.

Type-Safe Databases with Prisma

Featuring Ryan Chenkie @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT

TypeScript is seeing huge adoption in all kinds of settings, from enterprises to open source projects to indie side projects. The promise of type safety via TypeScript is compelling: it allows you to catch a whole class of bugs before you even deploy your code. While there's a lot of focus on making your front-end and backend code type-safe, not as much focus is put on applying the same to your database access. That's where Prisma comes in. Prisma is a database toolkit that allows you to build type-safe databases with ease. It gives you a fully typed database client which means you get type hints, autocompletion, and you are prevented from accessing your database in an invalid way. In this session, we'll build a TypeScript node API that uses Prisma for database access. We'll see how Prisma can be used to give you confidence in how you access your data and how you can be more productive by using features such as the Prisma Schema Language, migrations, and more.

Javascript-free Websites with .NET Blazor WebAssembly

Featuring Heather Downing @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT

Curious about the development experience of building front-end with C#? Blazor WebAssembly makes it possible to replace all of your Javascript completely - even in the front end! Join us as we build a secure SPA in .NET and discover the tricks of debugging and the trade-offs of the server-side version of Blazor.