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Announcing October JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training! cover image

Announcing October JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training!

Join us October 28th, 2020 for our next JavaScript Marathon! JavaScript Marathon is a full day of free, online courses on React, TypeScript, GraphQL, and more. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies, and concepts! Stay for one training, or stick around for the whole day! No two sessions will be the same! --- React Hooks 201 *Featuring Kyle Hill @ 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT* It might have taken a little while, but: have you mastered the use of useState, and maybe even (mostly) understand what useEffect is doing at this point? Cool. Let’s level up our React Hooks skills further by diving into some of the other tools in our box. We’ll leverage useContext and useReducer to create an easy to implement interaction and data flow that scales along with your application and your team. --- Getting Started with Eleventy *Featuring Kyle Mitofsky @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT* Eleventy is a JavaScript based Static Site Generator (SSG) that's designed around performance, accessibility, and simplicity. Take your first steps to build out front end designs, websites, and content with this walk through that'll get you set up on your first eleventy site. Learn some of the basics with some patterns and best practices as well. --- TypeScript for Beginners *Featuring Dacey Nolan @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT* During this introduction to TypeScript, we will cover what TypeScript is, what benefits it provides, and how you can use it in your projects. Code with me or just follow along as we dive into each of the types and learn how to use them. --- Automating GraphQL Client Code Generation *Featuring Kevin Wolf @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT* In this talk, we will learn how to streamline Front End Development by generating type-safe GraphQL Operations for Apollo Client. --- Building GraphQL Resolvers *Featuring Josh Oppenheim @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT* Have you ever wanted to know how graphql resolvers work or why we use them? In this training we will talk about the philosophy behind resolvers and how they fit in the greater GraphQL flow. We will take a look at how the graphql-js library implements them and we will write some of our own. We will discuss some possible requests from consumers and write resolvers to accommodate the needs presented. --- Need private trainings for your company? If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage This Dot’s expertise to upskill your team, and reinvigorate your developers with new knowledge about the web’s leading development technologies, visit the trainings page....

Announcing September JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training! cover image

Announcing September JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training!

Join us September 23rd, 2020 for our next JavaScript Marathon! JavaScript Marathon is a full day of free, online courses on Angular, React, Vue, RxJS, Web Performance, and more. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies, and concepts! Stay for one training, or stick around for the whole day! No two sessions will be the same! --- React Native in 60 Minutes - Introduction to Creating Your First Hybrid Native Application *Featuring Rob Ocel @ 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT* So, you know React, and you want to build a mobile application - how do you get started? In this training, we'll discuss the architecture of React Native and how it differs from competing approaches such as Progressive Web Applications, Ionic Capacitor, and Apache Cordova. Then, we'll make a basic application from scratch that uses data from remote APIs and device sensors, and we'll show how to test and debug the application on your device and in simulators. --- Using Angular Libraries in an Nx Monorepo *Featuring Patricio Vargas @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT* Learn how to use Angular libraries and share code between multiple enterprise applications in your current or your future monorepo project using Nx by the Nrwl team. --- JavaScript Animations with GreenSock *Featuring Christina Gorton @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT* Have you ever been to a website and wondered "Whoa, how did they do that?" In this session you will learn how to get started creating fun, interesting, and complex animations that delight users with the GreenSock animation library. --- Type-Safe Databases with Prisma *Featuring Ryan Chenkie @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT* TypeScript is seeing huge adoption in all kinds of settings, from enterprises to open source projects to indie side projects. The promise of type safety via TypeScript is compelling: it allows you to catch a whole class of bugs before you even deploy your code. While there's a lot of focus on making your front-end and backend code type-safe, not as much focus is put on applying the same to your database access. That's where Prisma comes in. Prisma is a database toolkit that allows you to build type-safe databases with ease. It gives you a fully typed database client which means you get type hints, autocompletion, and you are prevented from accessing your database in an invalid way. In this session, we'll build a TypeScript node API that uses Prisma for database access. We'll see how Prisma can be used to give you confidence in how you access your data and how you can be more productive by using features such as the Prisma Schema Language, migrations, and more. --- Javascript-free Websites with .NET Blazor WebAssembly *Featuring Heather Downing @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT* Curious about the development experience of building front-end with C#? Blazor WebAssembly makes it possible to replace all of your Javascript completely - even in the front end! Join us as we build a secure SPA in .NET and discover the tricks of debugging and the trade-offs of the server-side version of Blazor....

A Breakdown of RxJS 7.0 Performance Improvements cover image

A Breakdown of RxJS 7.0 Performance Improvements

It’s official. RxJS 7.0 has been deemed stable and is now available in its beta form. The core team, committed to maintaining a dependable and adaptable reactive programming tool, has built this new release to improve many aspects of developer experience without triggering changing breaks to existing code. Through a partnership with Google, the RxJS core team was able to test its latest release by integrating the library into the Google 3 monorepository. In doing so, they ran RxJs against thousands of build targets, and across countless applications, to identify where code breaks were happening, and what could be done to ensure stronger stability. Updated Typing RxJS 7.0 is written in Typescript 3.8, which allows users to leverage all of Typescript’s latest features. For example, RxJS’ typing inference capacity, especially with respect to how the library handles generics, has significantly improved. Previous versions struggled to type larger rests of arguments, with prior upper bound limits not usually exceeding 8 or 9 values. These limitations, however, have been removed, allowing developers to pass an infinite number of values with one call. The team was also able to fix many antiquated types that did not reflect the runtime behavior of actual APIs. As a result, several Observables, including *'toPromise()'*, have been deprecated in order to mitigate the challenges of legacy behavior without significantly impacting existing code. New Features animationFrames(): an Observable that returns the milliseconds elapsed since the start of the Observable, which is especially useful for coding animation, and replaces previous methods of incrementing numbers. lastValueFrom() and firstValueFrom(): Observables that return the last and first values in a promise, respectfully. They improve upon *‘toPromise()’* by returning an ‘EmptyError’ when passing promises without values, and giving users more flexibility when selecting the values they want returned. AsyncIterable support: Any areas of code that previously accepted a Promise, or an Observable, now also accept AsyncIterables. rxjs-for-await: a separate library which supports async-await for-await loops via AsyncIterables. *'retry({resetOnSuccess: true})'*: In 6.0, if you had a source that errored with, for example, a retry count valued at 5, it would only error a total of 5 times, no matter how many successful messages it had passed. With *'retry({resetOnSuccess: true})'*, the retry count value will reset every time a successful message is passed. TimeStamp: an interface with a *‘now()’* method that returns a number. Name Changes: In order to create fewer collisions between four legacy operators, and creation methods with the same name... *'zip(other$)'* is now *'zipWith(other$)'*. *'combineLatest(a$, b$)'* is now *'combineLatestWith(a$, b$)'*. *'merge(partner$)'* is now 'mergeWith(partner$)'. *'concat(ender$)'* is now *'concatWith(ender$)'*. Deprecations In 7.0, no critical elements have been removed from the library, but several features have been deprecated. These include: ResultSelectors, which have been deprecated since 5.0. The process of passing scheduler arguments through functions such as ‘of()’ or ‘range()’ has been deprecated, and should be replaced by using ‘scheduled()’ or ‘observeOn()’. This has been done in order to remove scheduling logic from operators that don’t need it. Some subscription signatures will be deprecated. With this newest release, subscriptions should only be called with a single function, or a partial or complete Observable. The same will also go for tap signatures. This will simplify the development process and help eventually make the library more lean with future releases. Functions that pull in schedulers are now deprecated as of this release in order to prepare users for the eventual phase-out of passing schedulers to certain functions. Looking Forward to 7.1 and Beyond In order to support future changes to the library, the RxJS team will begin introducing ESLint transformations. These updates will help developers remove deprecated code, such as APIs, from their applications, and prepare users for future, major releases as the library becomes faster and leaner. However, Ben Lesh, RxJS core team lead, ensures that no breaking changes will be scheduled until version 9.0 at the earliest. How You Can Contribute The RxJS core team welcomes enthusiastic RxJS experts to help contribute to refining version 7’s future updates. Those experienced with ESLint transformations, or who want to update documentation are welcome to contribute to this open-source library. And of course, the RxJS team relies on the amazing work of authors, bloggers, content creators, and those working in developer relations, to share insights into the library with the development community. If you’re just getting started with RxJS, check out this fantastic “1 Hour to Learn RxJS” tutorial by Ben Lesh from This Dot Labs' Javascript Marathon, where you can learn about Observables and operators, including how to build an Observable from scratch!...

Announcing July JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training! cover image

Announcing July JavaScript Marathon - Free, online training!

Join us July 22nd, 2020 for our next JavaScript Marathon! JavaScript Marathon is a full day of free, online courses on Angular, React, Vue, RxJS, and Web Performance. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies, and concepts! Stay for one training, or stick around for the whole day! No two sessions will be the same! --- Featuring Shawn Wang @ 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT In this session we will learn how to build a fullstack serverless React + GraphQL app from scratch with authentication, storage, and multiplayer realtime collaboration, all atop infinitely scalable AWS components, with AWS Amplify! It's never been this easy to go from idea to prototype, and each piece will be livecoded in front of your very eyes! --- Featuring Michael Hladky @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT The async pipe is boring! Understand the guts of Angulars change detection and why zone.js is your biggest enemy. Learn the tricks on template bindings, component rendering, and where you pay the biggest price. As a cutting edge demo, you will understand how to analyze blocking UIs over flame charts and how to avoid them. In the end, you will be able to get zone-less performance even in zone-full Angular applications! --- Featuring Nathan Walker @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT During this introduction to Nativescript, you’ll get a brief overview of what Nativescript is and how it works. You’ll also learn how to create a TypeScript, Angular, Vue, and React based app, + so much more! --- Featuring Cecelia Martinez @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT Looking to add testing to your skill set or just feel more confident pushing to production? In this beginner-level talk, we will walk through the process of installing, configuring, and writing a critical-path test using Cypress. Written in JavaScript and built on the popular Mocha and Chai libraries, the free and open-source Cypress Test Runner gets you up to speed with end-to-end testing fast. We will also cover general testing strategies for beginners, including how to decide what to test and how to ensure your test suite is effective. --- Featuring Jesse Tomchak @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT Setting up user authorization and authentication can be a minefield of security practices, token verification, valid callback urls, salt hashes, and more. Now take all those struggles and sprinkle them over serverless functions! When all we want to do is get past the login page to our actual application. We'll walk through setting up secure oAuth with AWS Lambda functions, covering common pitfalls, so that you can get back to the fun part of your project. --- Tune in next month for another full day of JavaScript Marathon! Need private trainings for your company? If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage This Dot’s expertise to upskill your team, and reinvigorate your developers with new knowledge about the web’s leading development technologies, visit the trainings page....

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Announcing GraphQL Enterprise Connect - a Remote 1 day GraphQL Enterprise Focused Conference

Are you using GraphQL? Join us in this 1 day conference on August 14, 2020 from 9am - 5pm PDT focused on *GraphQL in the Enterprise*. Featuring some of GraphQL’s best speakers and developers on panels and sharing real world experiences on GraphQL implementation, this event is the first GraphQL event focused on problems real companies face during adoption! This event is hosted by PayPal, Braintree, and This Dot. Check out the schedule below (PDT): 9:00am - 9:30am - *Keynote Panel * 9:0045am - 10:15am - *"Lessons from the Trenches : a retrospective on our first public GraphQL API"*, Rahul Dighe 1030am - 1100am - *“Building a GraphQL Platform ”*, Sam Parsons & Kyle DeTella 11:15am - 11:45am - *“GraphQL Security”*, Joey Nenni 11:45am - 1:00pm - Lunch break 1:00pm - 1:45pm - *Community Panel * 2:00pm - 2:30pm - *“Building a faster Checkout experience w/ GraphQL at PayPal”*, Vishakha Singh 2:45pm - 3:15pm - *"Persisted GraphQL"*, Brian Douglas 3:30pm - 4:00pm - *"Data federation with GraphQL for the enterprise"*, Allison Kunz 415pm - 5:00pm - *“Pushing your React + GraphQL Testing Further”*, Sergey Mykhailenko *Join us here!*...

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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter This Dot Labs is making the following statements: - The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tony McDade, Freddie Gray, and countless other Black and Brown Americans are appalling and unacceptable. We refuse to accept a world that promotes Blackness as threatening or as probable cause. We refuse to accept that nothing can be done to stop the murders of Black people by law enforcement. We refuse to accept the “bad apple” narrative that seeks to shift all responsibility for these crimes from the institution of modern policing to individual officers. Furthermore, we refuse to accept even a single “bad apple” in a profession that has the power to deprive others of life and liberty with lethal force. - We reject the escalating violence by the State against peaceful protesters, the dismissive labeling of peaceful assembly as “riots”, and the post-hoc attempt to diminish the protesters as paid activists or “ANTIFA plants”. We have watched the peaceful protests, the real sense of communities rallying around shared goals and grievances, and celebrate the change these movements are affecting. - Acts of racism and bigotry have no place in public (or private) discourse. We have witnessed people on social media using racial slurs, sending racist emojis, and harassing, doxxing, or otherwise harassing Black members of our communities. We will not stand for this behavior. We will not give these individuals a platform, a job, or any space on our timelines. - This Dot Labs supports the critical work being done by the Black Lives Matter movement, and all activists, to honor the memory of countless Black and Brown people who have been brutalized by the police, and demand that the individuals and institutions responsible for these crimes be held accountable. - In an effort to immediately begin supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, we have initiated and rallied support in our organization for an employee donation program. Prior and present donations by This Dot Labs team members to non-profits supporting the effort to affect change for black Americans will be matched with donations to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund for a total of up to $2,000 USD. - One of our first steps is to enact a new speaker requirement of all who participate in our Online Meetups. Those interested in leveraging our platform to deliver tech talks will now be required to provide the names of at least two speakers who are of a different race and gender so that we may reach out to them and invite them to speak at future events if they wish. Now, however, is not a time for us to draw attention to our own organization. It is our intention to use our platform, moving forward, to elevate the voices of those who have been systematically muted and underrepresented in the tech community. This will be an ongoing conversation for This Dot Labs, and our employees from executive leadership, to our most junior team members, are involved. We believe that Black Lives Matter is not a trend, and we’re making this statement and these changes, because we are committed to making lasting change. We also welcome input from the community about what we can do to continue to show solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and support a just future for Black and Brown people within our industry and beyond. We encourage other companies and individuals in the tech community to listen to Black technologists who have been critical to raising awareness for these issues. These voices that have inspired us and our staff include (but are certainly not limited to) Aisha Blake, Angie Jones, Pariss Athena, and Jerome Hardaway. For additional information, we have found this resource helpful Thank you, This Dot Labs...

Announcing Free Monthly JavaScript Training with JavaScript Marathon! cover image

Announcing Free Monthly JavaScript Training with JavaScript Marathon!

After such amazing feedback from our inaugural JavaScript Marathon in April, we have a very special announcement... Starting this month on June 24th, 2020, This Dot will be hosting monthly JavaScript Marathon trainings! These free, online courses will be on Angular, React, Vue, RxJS, and Web Performance. Come learn about some of the leading web development technologies, and concepts! Stay for one training, or stick around for the whole day! No two sessions will be the same! --- Featuring Kent C. Dodds @ 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT React Suspense is coming and it's going to be awesome. It's currently in alpha and you can play around with it. In this tutorial we'll focus on the fundamentals of how React Suspense works (in its experimental form) and how that can help improve the user experience. --- Featuring Brian Lagunas and Jason Beres @ 12:30pm - 1:30pm EDT Angular schematics drive the productivity features of the Angular CLI. With the added benefits of tools, such as Ignite UI from Infragistics, you can take the CLI to the next step with built in component and app templates, and customized themes, and more to kickstart the app experience you need. In the webinar, Brian Lagunas and Jason Beres from Infragistics product teams will walk you through how to use the CLI and how you can create your own customizations to bring hyper-productivity to your teams. --- Featuring Jake Dohm @ 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT Come join us as we walk through the new Composition API that will be released as part of Vue 3. The Composition API is a way to abstract functionality in your application, using some new internal APIs that Vue is exposing. Inspired by React Hooks, it makes it much easier to share logic, data, and methods across components in your app. --- Featuring Justin Ribeiro @ 3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT With the latest release of Lighthouse, we have new metrics and tools at our disposal to make our web performance testing and tracing even better than before. In this training, Justin dives into what changed, how this affects your users, and why you should care about these latest advancements. --- Featuring Chris Whited @ 5:00pm - 6:00pm EDT We are going to learn how to create a new API using the NestJS NodeJS framework, and then use this API to connect to a database and build a REST API for creating, updating, and tracking issues. We will learn why NestJs is becoming one of the most popular NodeJs frameworks. --- Tune in next month for another full day of JavaScript Marathon! Need private trainings for your company? If you would like to learn more about how you can leverage This Dot’s expertise to upskill your team, and reinvigorate your developers with new knowledge about the web’s leading development technologies, visit the trainings page....

JavaScript Jeopardy - Prizes, Coding Competitions, and More! cover image

JavaScript Jeopardy - Prizes, Coding Competitions, and More!

Announcing the debut of JavaScript Jeopardy- a Twitter trivia competition that puts your JavaScript knowledge to the test, and gives you the chance to win some awesome prizes! Every Wednesday and Friday, starting June 3rd, This Dot Media's Twitter account will share a trivia question about web development practices, technologies, history, culture, and more! If you know the answer, you can respond in the comments or retweet the question with your answer to invite even more to participate! Each person who responds with the correct answer (whether they're first to respond, or 50th) will win one entry into a raffle, held at the end of each month (starting in June), for a This Dot Labs prize pack, including a t-shirt, stickers, and more! The more you play, the more chances you will have to win! Do you have any good JavaScript Jeopardy questions? Slide into our DMs! If yours are used, we'll enter you into the raffle as well! Be sure to follow @ThisDotMedia to keep up with all of the action from JavaScript Jeopardy, and while you're at it, check out all of our fantastic video resources on the This Dot Media Youtube page!...

Announcing Free Trainings - Progressive Web Apps and Using NgUpgrade for your Angular Migration cover image

Announcing Free Trainings - Progressive Web Apps and Using NgUpgrade for your Angular Migration

Less than two weeks after wrapping up our inaugural JavaScript Marathon, we are thrilled to share two brand new free trainings from the team at This Dot Labs - available for you to watch anytime. In Introduction to PWAs and Service Workers, Software Engineer Pato Vargas will walk you through creating your first PWA, implementing push notifications, testing your features, and using Firebase. "I really enjoyed working on this training," says Vargas, "learning service workers is important for any JavaScript developer, so this training appeals to anyone writing JavaScript!" Software Engineer, Frederick Prijk, is also excited to present his new training series, Upgrading AngularJS to Angular Using NgUpgrade, which walks you through a simple AngularJS to Angular migration in just over an hour! You can find these trainings, and all other past trainings, including those presented in the JavaScript Marathon series, by visiting our free resources page! Introducing a new technology to your enterprise development team, or having trouble with an existing technology? Learn more about how This Dot Labs can tailor a training program to your team by chatting with us, or by reviewing the trainings we already offer!...

This Dot's "A Complete Guide to VueJS" is now available for free download! cover image

This Dot's "A Complete Guide to VueJS" is now available for free download!

Today, This Dot Labs is announcing the release of A Complete Guide to VueJS written by one of our in-house experts, Bilal Haidar. The book is a comprehensive resource on the internal structures, complementary frameworks, components, and integrations needed to make Vue work for you! Readers can look forward to exploring the tools needed to get their first Vue application up and running, from code editors to installing the Vue CLI. The book then walks through the anatomy an application, introducing force-multiplying technologies supported by Vue, including ESLint, Prettier, source code repository management systems, Git, CSS frameworks, Axios, and more. There is even a complete section, introducing readers to the yet unreleased Vue 3 update! At about 80 pages, this quick guide packs in a ton of additional free resources that readers can explore to gain even more insight into this powerful framework. Download your free copy of A Complete Guide to VueJS, and be sure to join This Dot Labs and JavaScript Marathon on Wednesday, 4/22 at 3:30PM EDT for a live Vue training, where we will dive into unit testing!...

Introducing This Dot's PAMstack Services - Process Improvement Consulting for Technology Organizations cover image

Introducing This Dot's PAMstack Services - Process Improvement Consulting for Technology Organizations

During these challenging and uncertain times, many companies are taking additional measures to review their operational processes, and determine how they can act most efficiently, while maintaining concern and focus for their employees. Development team leadership is looking for a way to ensure that their employees remain engaged and productive, while developers demand more clarity and understanding to help them perform despite the anxieties currently impacting every global industry. Now is the time for leadership to develop clear plans of action not only for the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic, but looking forward as well- to when developers come back to their workplaces, and a sense of relative normalcy returns. To help support teams, eager to audit their operations, and implement more clear and stable processes for leading their teams, This Dot Labs is now proud to offer a new resource through the PAMstack. WHAT IS THE PAMSTACK? In short, the PAMstack (Process, Abstraction, & Mentorship) is a modern framework for creating sustainable development teams. It is not a list of rigid and inflexible rules, nor does it rely on mountains of documentation. Instead, the PAMstack empowers developer teams to streamline their processes, promote workplace inclusion, and better outfit their projects to promote collaboration. Teams do this by auditing their processes to incrementally simplify complicated workflows that rely on personal excellence above teamwork, migrate their technologies to leverage highly documented modern web tools, and create intentional mentorship programs to invest in team longevity. By implementing this customizable program, teams will expect to reduce project and hiring budgets, increase productivity, mitigate workplace stressors, and better diversify their workplaces both demographically, and technologically. WHAT DOES THIS DOT LABS INCLUDE IN ITS PAMSTACK SERVICES? Leaders who are interested in exploring how the PAMstack will transform their developer teams are encouraged to contact to schedule their free 1-hour process audit with one of our expert PAMstack architects. In this session, we will explore how your team can take advantage of the PAMstack, including sample process plans, checklists, and documentation; 1:1 mentorship, team workshops, leadership development, staff augmentation, architectural reviews, and the support of This Dot’s large network of industry leaders. If you are not a team leader, but are interested in learning more about how to implement PAMstack principles in your own processes, we have made many of our resources, and documentation available free on our For Developers page. There, you can access free workflow checklists, review example process documentation, explore leading technologies, and check out tips for introducing mentorship programs to your workplace. To learn more about the PAMstack from one of its lead architects, Rob Ocel, you can listen to this talk, or check out our new website:! And if you’re ready to begin your journey with the PAMstack, schedule a complimentary process audit today by contacting us at!...

Remote JavaScript Workshops for Enterprise Teams - Unveiling This Dot Lab's New Training Service cover image

Remote JavaScript Workshops for Enterprise Teams - Unveiling This Dot Lab's New Training Service

Over the past few weeks, many teams have transitioned their developers to working from home, and leaders are looking for innovative ways to support and continue team growth despite new operational challenges. We have put a lot of energy into thinking about how we can better serve our clients in the present working climate. Since 2016, our clients have leveraged This Dot’s onsite trainings to upskill their developers, establish foundations for new projects, and promote engagement within their teams. Today, we are proud to unveil a brand new catalog of remote JavaScript trainings for corporate teams. Topics include a variety of web development technologies and concepts relevant to modern JavaScript engineering and range from introductory to advanced. While custom trainings are available, our current catalogue includes: ReactJS Trainings ReactJS 101 Advanced React Architecture and Patterns React Testing React Hooks: Migration Strategies Web Components Training Web Components 101 Web Performance Training Web Performance 101 GraphQL Trainings GraphQL 101 GraphQL 201 GraphQL 301 VueJS Trainings Vue 101 Vue 201 Testing in Vue Angular Trainings Angular 101 Angular Accessibility 101 Angular Accessibility 201 Advanced Angular Architecture and Patterns Testing in Angular NgRx Trainings NgRx 101 NgRx 201 RxJS Training RxJS 101 A11Y/Accessibility Training Accessibility 101 Bazel Training Bazel 101 To celebrate our launch, we are offering any remote trainings booked during April at 20% off! These trainings can be purchased and used anytime within the year. If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage the talent and expertise of the This Dot Labs’ team and mentors, please reach out to us at