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Dismantling Your AI Bias with Jerome Hardaway and Tracy Lee

Dismantling Your AI Bias with Jerome Hardaway and Tracy Lee

In this inaugural episode in a series on the six steps to AI adoption, Tracy Lee and Jerome Hardaway explore the impact of AI on various industries, emphasizing the need to address bias and adapt as developers. The first step is dismantling your own bias against AI.

They advocate for treating AI as a tool to enhance human capabilities, and how it can revolutionize education and streamline workflows by augmenting our everyday tasks. Even better, the transformative potential of AI creates new job opportunities, necessitating education and upskilling initiatives to prepare individuals for the changing job market.

By addressing bias, embracing continuous learning, and recognizing AI's capacity to augment human capabilities, we can unlock its full potential in shaping a better future.

Download this podcast episode here.

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