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Our team of Vue architects includes many of the industry’s leading developers and technological influencers. We work closely with the Vue core team and the maintainers of its ecosystem to support Vue adoption and growth through developer advocacy and product evangelism, informing the architectural decisions we make for our clients with insights into the direction and future functionality of the framework, and allowing us to lobby for the technical interests of our clients.

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Working With Us

Our founders and development team has built over the years a strong relationship with the Vue core team and plugins contributors and worked together to support our client needs. By partnering with This Dot Labs, our clients unlock access to those who maintain Vue and its related tools, helping them make smarter decisions that will support the longevity and performance of their most critical web technologies.

Our team has built, deployed, maintained and migrated Vue applications for our clients across the industry, and we utilize the best tooling available to achieve our goals.

Developing Enterprise Applications

When building enterprise applications, we typically recommend using established frameworks like Nuxt.js as they allow teams to start building without having to worry about defining best practices and configuration. Implementation of solutions and features are able to be streamlined and sped up.

These frameworks can also act as all-in-one full stack solutions, keeping the team in one codebase and language, helping ease arduous developer onboarding and improving developer experience. They also include server side rendering features to give users better experiences and enhance webpage SEO.

State Management

We have extensive experience with a variety of state management libraries. If a project is still on Vue 2, our team recommends VueX or Apollo Client depending on your API infrastructure. Alternatively, if a project is new or on Vue 3, we recommend Pinia per the Vue team’s recommendation. These libraries are extensively used and battle tested in production environments.

Require a Mobile Presence

Are you looking for native mobile or a mobile hybrid solution? We can assist in the solution selection that best fits your needs. For native mobile solutions, our team recommends Ionic or Quasar as it allows web and mobile solutions to share logic and helps teams that already know Vue maintain the end product.


Our clients are building for the future. Explore This Dot Labs' portfolio, and see how we have helped them achieve their diverse technical goals.


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